At Off Grid Warehouse, we want to ensure you are well-equiped for every mission, every patrol and everyday life. The platform you base your entire rig off is extremely important. While there are Chest Rigs that come with pouches built-in, such as the extremely popular Condor Recon Chest Rig, there are others that can let your imagination run wild. These being the Condor Modular Chest Rig and the American-Made Predator Armor Minuteman Plate Carrier. At Off Grid Warehouse, we offer Chest Rigs, Tactical Vests, and Plate Carriers. Plate Carriers allow you to utilize ballistic protection which Vests and most Chest Rigs do not offer.

Complete your loadout with pouches. MOLLE allows you to attach pouches to your rig, belt, backpack and more. We care about American-Made. Companies such as Zero9 Holsters, Eleven10 Gear, and High Speed Gear have become increasingly popular and for good reason. They're durable, high quality, and made right here in the United States. Zero9 makes hardshell pouches for your body camera, magazines, radios, handcuffs and more. From High Speed Gear, we highly recommend the extremely popular and versatile Duty Pistol TACO. They are available in single, double and triple configurations.

After gathering all the apparel, weapons, tools, and accessories you need, the next step is to locate a suitable tactical bag in which to store them. When selecting a backpack, be sure to consider its capacity for storage, adjustable shoulder straps, and comfortability. The Condor 3-Day Assault Pack has been the flagship backpack from Condor for good reason.