Training Resources


All RTG instructors are active Law Enforcement with experience in training at the Municipal, County, State, and Federal level. RTG has also secured ranges and facilities within New Jersey that allow them to train students without restriction.

Readiness Training Group’s mission is to provide accessible firearms training to those that seek it. They aim to better communities by making Law Enforcement Officers, and responsibly armed citizens, ready with their firearms.



Intuitive Self-Protection (ISP) is a leader in real-world self-protection and firearms training with courses designed to prepare you with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to handle life-threatening scenarios. Each course leverages lessons and insights from actual experts with experience in the field. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, there is a course for you.



The Israeli Tactical School’s courses focus on emergency situations and live fire combat, specifically as individuals, in pairs/squads, and in teams of up to seven. Our techniques are derived straight from Israeli Secret Service doctrine and are adapted to meet the needs of high-risk PSD missions, executive protection jobs, corporate security work, and celebrity protection contracts.


"While more than 1.9 million people have now been trained to STOP THE BLEED®, that’s just a start. Our goal is to train 200 million. Why? Because the purpose of the STOP THE BLEED® campaign is to make our nation more resilient by better preparing the public to save lives if people nearby are severely bleeding. This preparation is being done by raising awareness and teaching people how to learn three quick actions to control serious bleeding."

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