Elite First Aid proves that saving lives does not have to be expensive. At Off Grid Warehouse, we have supplied thousands of customers with Elite First Aid's products. The most popular being the STOMP Medical Kit - For years, the Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit has been a go-to for medical professionals and the military. The STOMP is a fully stocked mobile first aid kit, containing over 300 items, and is packed and shipped upon ordering to ensure the items are up-to-date and in premium condition. Additionally, there is additional space to add items as necessary.

Another popular option for customers is the M-17 Medic Bag. This is a GI style issued kit that is popular for its range of emergency and trauma supplies. This classic olive drab bag is filled with over 300 items, organized in its 6 interior pockets and 3 fold out compartments, allowing for quick access to the materials when time is of the essence. Its 4 adjustable cinch straps keep the items secure while its top handle and backpack carry options make it easy to transport. The M17 kit is also customizable, allowing room to re-organize, add, or remove items to suit your needs.