Since its launch in the 1980's, Condor Outdoor Products has been devoted to providing high-quality outdoor gear at cost-effective prices. Spencer Tien, the company's founder, put much emphasis on creating long-term relationships with the Army-Navy industry's most dependable vendors, giving Condor the chance to provide top-notch quality and value. At Off Grid Warehouse, we are proud to offer a large variety of Condor's products.

Condor’s product lines are continuously field-tested by professionals to ensure precision, quality and long-term reliability. The company’s focus has always been to use premium materials, coupled with quality workmanship, to deliver products that are both reliable and extremely functional, but remain cost friendly. In 2016, Condor introduced its Condor Elite line of products to meet the needs of law enforcement and security professionals who are responding to crisis scenarios in urban areas around the world. This line of functional gear is made with superior material components for maximum durability and performance. Condor began by manufacturing camping gear that centered mostly on storage. As the company shifted its attention to tactical and military operations, it recognized that storage alone was not enough and that durability and functionality were essential. Servicemen and women can depend on Condor's resilient, performance-boosting designs. From bags and packs to modular pouches to vests and platforms, Condor has all the gear an elite operator needs in the field.

One of Condor's most successful products is their 3-Day Assault Pack. The Condor 3-Day Assault Pack is the most popular item in their lineup - admired by operators, outdoor fanatics, and everyday users alike, thanks to its impressive utility features and classic design. This pack has repeatedly proven itself in all kinds of tough and challenging outdoor environments, showing its worth time and time again.