Zero9 Holsters is designed by cops for cops. Rigid cases are a great choice for carrying equipment due to their many benefits. They will not lose their shape over time, are resistant to blood borne pathogens, and are easy to clean. They are also able to maintain their look and appearance, and protect expensive equipment with their retention, crush protection, and water/mud draining capabilities. Additionally, they have a more professional and less "militaristic" look than oversized non-fitting nylon pouches, and are typically lighter than the nylon and leather counterparts. Custom cases can be made for specific equipment, such as flashlights, mag pouches, body cameras, and portable radios, to provide a snug fit and reliable protection.


Molle-Loks are specifically intended to attach gear to molle vests, while Tek-Lok is the preferred option for duty belts if you don't plan to use them with molle gear. Tek-Loks have adjustable sizing to fit multiple belt sizes and provide a secure platform.