Zero9 Handcuff Case Filler

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  • Zero9 Handcuff Case Filler
  • Zero9 Handcuff Case Filler
  • Zero9 Handcuff Case Filler


Get a clean look for your handcuff case!

Love the Zero9 Cuff Case but don't love the mounting holes on the front?  Zero9 has an option for you!  This piece is completely cosmetic and has zero function involved - it plugs into the front of your Zero9 Cuff Case (sold separately) to cover the mounting holes.

We recommend a drop or two of super glue on the mounting pegs to solidify the connection with the cuff case.  This case is cosmetic ONLY and not designed to withstand a direct pry attack.  You can also use a dab of silicone sealer or other plastic compatible adhesive should you want to never pull it off the case.

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