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Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit

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  • Bleeding Control Kit | SWAT-T Tourniquet, PerSys Israeli Emergency Bandage, Compressed Gauze
  • Bleeding Control Kit
  • SWAT-T Tourniquet Orange
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
  •  PerSys Israeli Emergency Bandage
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
  • Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit
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The Spec Operator Bleeding Control Kit was designed to be equipped with easy to use lifesaving items. 

Severe bleeding with life-threatening potential may arise in common emergency scenarios, including car accidents, incidents with agricultural machinery or public transit, accidental injuries during natural disasters like tornadoes, and intentional harm from man-made disasters such as shootings and bombings. This kit offers the easy to apply SWAT-T tourniquet that works on adults, children and K9s, as well as the extremely versatile PerSys Israeli Bandage.

What is in this Bleeding Control Kit?

SWAT-T Tourniquet

One of the biggest advantages of this tourniquet is its ease of use. It can be applied in a matter of seconds, even by individuals with no prior training, making it an ideal tool for tactical operators. Since children have smaller limbs, most windlass tourniquets will not apply properly. This is where the SWAT-T Tourniquet excels. It is a multiple use tourniquet and can treat a large variety of injuries. Its main use is a tourniquet, but it can be used as a pressure bandage, or elastic bandage. This tourniquet is extremely effective to stop bleeding in children due to their lower blood pressure. The importance of the SWAT-T cannot be overstated, as extremity bleeding is a common cause of preventable deaths in high-risk operational environments, accounting for two-thirds of fatalities. However, the SWAT-Tourniquet provides a fast and effective solution for controlling bleeding, even in the most difficult-to-reach areas such as the groin and axilla.

PerSys 4" Israeli Emergency Bandage

The true original Israeli Emergency Bandage - As the #1-selling trauma bandage and a standard of care in the world's elite militaries, the Emergency Bandage® is a multifunctional hemorrhage control solution. With a wide variety of applications and FDA approval as a non-pneumatic tourniquet, the Emergency Bandage® has been a dependable hemorrhage control solution for over two decades. The Israeli Bandage is a versatile solution for various wounds, providing 30-40+ lbs of pressure to the injury. It comes in a compact, lightweight, and waterproof vacuum-sealed package with a best-in-class 8-year shelf life. The integrated pressure bar ensures immediate and direct pressure on the wound, while the built-in closure bar eliminates the need for pins, clips, tape, hook-and-loop, or knots. The non-adherent 4" pad minimizes pain during removal and prevents wound re-opening.

North American Rescue Responder Compressed Gauze

North American Rescue’s Responder Compressed Gauze is an ultra-compact roll of sterile, high quality 100% cotton gauze that utilizes a unique crinkle weave that has excellent fluid absorption. It is a 6-ply, 4.5” x 4.1 yd. gauze with finished edges to reduce loose ends or lint. The gauze is indicated for the treatment of bleeding and the dressing and bandaging of wounds. Responder Compressed Gauze features a proprietary packaging process that ensures the most consistent, low-cube package on the market. The package is a rugged and durable vacuum sealed container with easy-to-open tear notches. The ultra-compact storage size expands once opened to cover larger wound areas. This gauze is an essential item for any medical kit and can be used to control hemorrhage in conjunction with a compression bandage, used as backing gauze for hemostatic dressings or for wound bandaging.

North American Rescue Survival Blanket

The NAR Survival Blanket is a small, lightweight solution to keep you dry and warm. Totally waterproof and weighing in under 2 oz, these blankets use technology originally designed by NASA (hence the “space blanket” moniker) to trap and reflect radiant body heat back towards the body. This reflected body heat can keep the user warm and prevent further body heat loss. This survival blanket is the perfect addition for anyone putting together a survival kit, a 72-hour emergency kit, or a simple first aid kit for the car as the versatility of the blanket allows it to keep you warm in a wide variety of conditions.

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