Medical Kits & First Aid Supplies

A medical kit is an essential tool for first responders. It is important to have a well-stocked kit that can provide quick and effective medical care in case of an emergency. Such a kit should include basic medical supplies such a tourniquet, hemostatic gauze, trauma dressings, chest seals, as well as more advanced tools such as a bag valve mask and other diagnostic equipment. Having a well-stocked medical kit is important for first responders, as it can provide the necessary supplies to help treat major and minor injuries prior to the arrival of EMS.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) that contain all the neccessary components to save a life. Our top pick for an IFAK is North American Rescue's M-FAK. The Mini First Aid Kit is one of the most compact and multi-functional IFAKs available, and designed to provide immediate critical care for penetrating, blast, or other traumatic injuries. Despite its small size, it comes fully equipped with the essential medical supplies requested by first responders in the line of duty. The M-FAK is offered in Basic, Basic with Combat Gauze, and Advanced versions, and is assembled in the USA.

When it comes to larger Mass Casualty Kits, look no further at the Tactical Medical Solutions Warm Zone/ARK Kit. The WZ/SRO ARK has a capacity to store up to 8 fully customizable Casualty Throw Kits, stocked with 14 SOF® Tourniquets, 14 pressure dressings, 14 chest injury treatments, and 2 Ultralight Poleless Litters, ready to be deployed in your warm zone, casualty collection point, or ambulance collection point. The SRO version of the ARK has 4 of the standard Casualty Throw Kits replaced with small Casualty Throw Kits containing the Tramedic® Tourniquet, specially designed to work on smaller limbs than the standard SOF® Tourniquet.