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Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit

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  • Elite First Aid Stomp Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid Stomp Medical Kit Black
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • FA140 Red
  • FA140 OD
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
  • Elite First Aid STOMP Medical Kit
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STOMP "Seal Team Operational Medical Pack"

The Elite First Aid STOMP medical pack has been one of Elite First Aid's most popular kits for years. The STOMP is a fully stocked mobile military and trauma first aid pack. Kits are packed when you order to ensure freshly dated quality medical items. There are over 300 items in the STOMP and used by professionals including medics and military personnel.  There is also room to add more of your own items if you feel necessary.  We always recommend more tactical tourniquets such as C-A-T or Soft T in any large kit if you are going to be in combat, storm or areas where mass patients are expected.  

The bag itself is very well organized with several Velcro and zippered compartments for easy access. Each section of the STOMP bag opens flat to allow quick access to your instruments and supplies. There are also two interior sections that give you 4 surface areas with multiple velcro, as well as mesh and zippered compartments that are placed and organized so that everything is within an easy reach.

The STOMP bag material is durable and tough. The pack is complete with reinforced grab handles on both top and side, compression straps, support foam on the back for comfort, a hydration bladder pocket, adjustable shoulder straps, a waist belt, and heavy duty waterproof zippers. The large front area is complete with a full panel of M.O.L.L.E webbing so you can add pouches such as quick access trauma or water packs. Each bag also has an ID window for identification. 

STOMP used to handle groups during disasters or emergencies consisting of items from basic first aid to trauma including items well beyond what you would normally carry in an IFAK bleed kit (Individual First Aid Kit). 

Contact our staff for volume orders 856-292-3645 

  • 300 in date quality items
  • Durable organized bag
  • Lay flat bag design 
  • Easy to fil in supplies
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Customizable
  • Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Measurement: 19'' x 14'' x 10’’


If you need a full kit that goes beyond basic first aid for either a group, family or long period of time that is mobile.  If you are an emergency medical personal looking for one kit that will serve you in any situation.


Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
Cervical Collar 1 6″ Elastic Bandages 3
Universal/Sam Splints 2 Blood Clotting Spray 1
2″x2″ Gauze Pads 10 Calamine Lotion 6oz. 1
Stethoscope 1 Triangular Bandages 3
Pain Relievers 40 Conforming Gauze 4″x4.1 yds. 2
Eye Pads 5 Ammonia Inhalants 20
EMT Shears 2 Lip Balm 2
LED Pen Light 1 Skin Probe 1
Instant Ice Packs 3 Alcohol Wipes 20
BZK Antiseptic Wipes 26 2″ Elastic Bandages 6
Knuckle Bandages 20 Pair PLK Nitrile Gloves 5
Burn Spray 1 6″ Trauma Dressings 2
Safety Pins 6 Sting & Bite Wipes 9
Multi-Trauma Dressings 2 Bandage Strips 1″x3″ 100
BleedStop Bandages 4 5″x9″ Abdominal Pads 10
Eye/Skin Wash 2 Blood Pressure Kit 1
Emergency Blankets-Silver/OD 2 Burn Gel 5
CPR Face Shields 2 4″x4″ Sterile Gauze 5
Triple Antibiotics 20 Scalpel Handle #3 1
Scalpel Blades 6 Oral Airways 4
Straight Hemostats 2 Curved Hemostats 2
SS Tweezers 1 Suture Sets 5
Iodine Wipes 100 First Aid Guide 1
1″ Tape 3 Instant Glucose 1
Butterfly Closure Strips 20 Tongue Depressors 5
4″ Trauma Dressings 2 QuickClot Advanced Clotting Gauze 3
Hand Sanitizer 2oz. 1 Latex Tourniquet 1
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Emergency Trauma Dressing
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