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LifeFlow® PLUS is a hand-operated rapid infusion device that allows health care providers to deliver blood and fluids quickly and effectively, improving resuscitation of critically ill or injured patients. Delivering in 10mL increments with each handle compression, a LifeFlow PLUS user can administer 1 unit of blood or 500ml of fluid in less than 2 minutes, maintaining full control over the volume delivered.

The syringe size allows the user to overcome the resistance of IV catheters and automatically refills when the handle is released - allowing the user full control of volume of fluid delivered. This also protects the syringe from bacterial contamination.

LifeFlow PLUS can be operated with one hand, leaving the operator’s other hand free to address other clinical issues, monitor the infusion site, and assess patient response. This is particularly useful in austere environments and transport when resources are limited, and personnel are performing multiple tasks simultaneously.

Current methods of blood and fluid delivery are too slow to quickly restore intravascular volume in patients with severe shock and hypotension. For these patients “time is tissue,” meaning every minute of continued hypotension can result in more organ injury. LifeFlow PLUS offers a simple way to restore perfusion with rapid and controlled delivery of fluids and blood.

  • Measurements: 12 in. x 7.5 in. x 2.75 in.
  • Weight: 0.95 lb