King LTS-D™ Exclusive Supraglottic Airway Kit

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The King LTS-D™ from North American Rescue is an exclusive supraglottic airway kit packaged especially for tactical medics who need reliability, durability and versatility for emergency airway management. The kit is designed for positive pressure ventilation over 30 cm H2O and spontaneously breathing patients, yet offers the unique ability to easily pass a gastric tube through a second channel of the airway and into the esophagus and stomach. The anatomically shaped distal tip and cuff of the King LTS-D™ assist in the airway’s passage behind the larynx and into the normally collapsed esophagus. The second lumen, which is open at the distal tip of the tube, provides three key additional benefits (1) passage of gastric tube (up to 18 French) (2) channel for regurgitation and (3) provides “vent” for gastric pressure and stomach decompression.

  • Supraglottic airway device custom packaged for tactical medics
  • Unique dual channel design, anatomically shaped distal tip & cuff & open second lumen
  • Provides for the passage of a gastric tube (up to 18 French) for regurgitation and a “vent” for gastric pressure & stomach decompression
  • Smaller, softer tip for easier placement
  • Shorter tube length
  • New tapered ramp design provides additional ventilation outlets
  • Size 3 (Yellow) | Patient Height: <61 in.
    Size 4 (Red) | Patient Height: 61 in. - 71 in.
    Size 5 (Purple) | Patient Height: >71 in.
  • Inflation Volume: 60 ml

Kit Contents:

  • King LTS-D™ Supraglottic Airway Device
  • Gastric Diverter
  • 60cc Syringe
  • 18F Gastric Tube
  • Sterile Lubricant


  • Folded: H 4 in. x W 11.43 in. x D 1.92 in.
  • UnFolded: H 8 in. x W 13.36 in. x D 1.22 in.
  • Weight: 5.79 oz