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Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"

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  • PerSys 6" Israeli Emergency Bandage
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"
  • Israeli Emergency Bandage 6"
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As the #1-selling trauma bandage and a standard of care in the world's elite militaries, the Emergency Bandage® is a multifunctional hemorrhage control solution. With a wide variety of applications and FDA approval as a non-pneumatic tourniquet, the Emergency Bandage® has been a dependable hemorrhage control solution for over two decades. PerSys Medical makes the highest quality solutions for the highest quality operators.


  • Non-pneumatic trauma bandage 
  • Can apply 30-40+ lbs of pressure to the wound
  • Multi-functional bandage for various wounds
  • Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and vacuum sealed packaging
  • Sterile, best-in-class 8-year shelf life
  • Integrated pressure bar exerts immediate and direct pressure to the wound
  • Built-in closure bar: no pins, no clips, no tape, no hook-and-loop, no knots
  • Non-adherent 6″ pad eliminates pain during removal and prevents wound re-opening


The Emergency Bandage is highly effective at stopping bleeding and is designed for easy application:

1. Place the sterile, non-adherent pad onto the wound.

2. Wrap the elasticized woven leader over the top of the bandage pad, where the specially designed pressure bar is located, applying immediate direct pressure to the wound site. The pressure bar is designed to securely hold the wrapping leader in place.

3. Once the pressure bar is engaged, wrap the leader in any direction around the limb or body part and onto the pressure bar. This action forces the pressure bar down onto the pad, creating the necessary direct pressure to promote healing.

4. Besides its primary function, the pressure bar also aids in bandaging. The elastic bandage utilizes the rigid shape of the pressure bar to change direction while bandaging, giving the caregiver more options for effectively dressing the wound.

5. Additional wrappings of the leader secure and maintain the pad in place over the wound, and by covering all the edges of the pad, it acts as a sterile secondary dressing. The bandage leader is woven to remain at its full width, preventing it from bunching up or twisting.

6. The closure system of the bandage is versatile yet straightforward, quick, and familiar. At the end of the leader, there is a closure bar (resembling a dowel with hooking clips) at each end to secure the wrapping leader, similar to how a pen is secured in a shirt pocket. This closure bar firmly holds the bandage in place over the wound site.

7. If additional pressure is needed, the closure bar can be easily removed from its initial closure position and inserted between previous layers of the leader directly above the protruding pressure bar, then rotated. This rotation of the closure bar further presses down the pressure bar onto the wound, increasing the blood-staunching pressure. The closure bar is then used as before to secure the dressing.

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