Elite First Aid Gunshot Trauma Kit

Elite First Aid
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The Elite First Aid Gunshot Trauma Kit is essential in treating life-threatening traumatic emergencies like gunshot wounds, and can be used in any situation where firearms are present. It is an excellent choice for shooting ranges, or any other area where a gunshot wound might occur before EMS or medical transport can arrive.

Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
3″ Cohesive Bandage 1 BZK Antiseptic WIpes 4
Pair BLK Nitrile Gloves 2 CPR Face Shield 1
QuickClot 25g 2 EMT Shears 1
Petroleum Gauze 3″ 1 Vented Chest Seal 1
Velket Velcro Tourniquet 1 BleedStop Bandage 1
5″x9″ Abdominal Pads 2 4″x4″ Sterile Gauze 8