Zero9 Duty Style Rigid Double Mag Pouch

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Duty Style Double Mag Pouch by Zero 9

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Duty style double magazine pouch - slim design to save you real estate on your duty belt or molle vest!  These place the bullets facing out to compress the footprint and feature a retention screw to adjust the draw retention to suit.

 - Glock 9/40 AVAILABLE right now in plain black or basketweave.

- Other 9/40 also AVAILABLE in plain black or basketweave.  These have been tested with the Sig P320, P226 and M&P 9/40 although they should fit most mags in the double stack 9/40 family.  

 These can be ordered with either a tek-lok (duty belt) or molle-lok (molle mounting).  Either option can be mounted for horizontal or vertical carry.

Available in plain black or basketweave.

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