Is your C-A-T Tourniquet Genuine?

At Off Grid Warehouse, we pride ourselves for being a North American Rescue dealer for now over 15 years. During that time, we have seen a decent amount of fake Combat Application Tourniquets. In this instance, we had a former police officer come into our shop to purchase a real tourniquet in place of a fake that he purchased at a gun show. Here is what to look for:

Red Tip Technology

Red Tip Technology assists visual cues for application. In this case you will see the real C-A-T has a more vivid red at the tip and does not have prominent printings on the red tip.

NSN Number

On the slack of the genuine C-A-T, you are presented with the NSN number: 6515-01-521-7976. This number varies based on color as well. On the knock-off, it is clearly missing.

Stabilization Plate & Buckle

As seen on the genuine C-A-T, the stabilization plate, it states “C-A-T” and shows the manufacturing address of C-A-T Resources LLC (as they are not made by NAR, only distributed by NAR). On the counterfeit, the stabilization plate is blank and is thinner. The buckle on the counterfeit does not show C-A-T twice along the front.

Windlass & Time Tab

The top is our C-A-T Tourniquet. You will see how the windlass has aggressive ribbing to improve your grip, as well as a larger diameter. The counterfeit shows a Gen 6 style windlass, which is flimsy and easily bendable. Also note how the time tab is grey vs white on the made in China version.

Jul 19th 2023

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