Zero9 Flashlight Case - Nightstick/Modlite/Fury

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  • Zero9 Flashlight Case - Fury
  • Zero9 Flashlight Case - Nightstick
  • Zero9 Flashlight Case - Modlite
  • Zero9 Flashlight Case  - Nightstick/Modlite/Fury
  • Zero9 Flashlight Case  - Nightstick/Modlite/Fury
  • Zero9 Flashlight Case  - Nightstick/Modlite/Fury
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Introducing Zero9 Holster's Bezel Down Cases - one of the latest additions to their line of rugged cases! These cases offer the same construction as their Bezel Up Cases but with a different orientation for those who prefer their light facing down. All of Zero9 cases come with two retention screws to ensure even retention once you've dialed it in. You can also choose between Molle-Lok if you are mounting to a vest or a Tek-Lok attachment for a duty belt.

NIGHTSTICK TAC-400 - Also fits the Surefire G2X/G2ZX6P and the 400 and 500 Series Nightstick Tac Lights with the Bezel Down. Fits the Streamlight Strion Bezel Down.

MODLITE - OKW and PLHv2 Light Heads With or Without Switchback. BEZEL DOWN. Also fits the Cloud Defensive MCH.

FURY - Surefire FURY series (Tactical, DF etc).  Will also fit the Streamlight HL-X with the retention screws completely compressed.

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