North American Rescue T2 Triage Tags (20 Pack)

North American Rescue
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Rugged and reliable the NAR T2 Tag® from North American Rescue includes an innovative, multi-purpose triage and treatment tag for efficient emergency management.

The tag’s easy-fold card can be quickly spotted at mass casualty or disaster incidents as well as in combat zones. In seconds, first responders assess a casualty’s condition, fold the card so the appropriate panel is showing, insert the card into its plastic sheath, and attach the sheath to the patient using a convenient latex-free band. As the casualty’s condition changes, the tag can be updated just as quickly. Liquid-resistant in all settings, this tag is unrivaled for rapid casualty prioritization and critical treatment documentation throughout the entire emergency response process.

Five of the card’s panels have a color-coded background with assessments in white letters (IMMEDIATE—red, MINIMAL—green, EXPECTANT—gray, DEAD—black, DELAYED—yellow). The colored panels also include a note in smaller letters reminding users of the priority level associated with the color, plus a barcode for accurate patient tracking.

For quick reference, the other five panels on the card address SALT procedures (flowchart), treatment interventions (table for tracking blood pressure, pulse, location, etc.), bleeding (includes stickers), injury location (includes interventions summary and body pictures for identifying injury location), and patient details (medical history, medications, allergies, etc.).

In addition to the tag is a grease pencil, a chemical light (red) and two sets of quick reference status stickers (Tourniquet, Blast, and Contaminated).

The NAR T2 Tag® can be used for adults, children, and special populations. Easily incorporated into an organization’s current MCI triage protocols, this product offers a standardized triage system for all response agencies.

North American Rescue designs simple products for successful processes.

  • Innovative, multi-purpose triage and treatment tag for efficient emergency management
  • Can be utilized for adults, children and special populations
  • Easily incorporated into current MCI triage protocols
  • A standardized triage system for ALL response agencies
  • Pack of 20 T2 Tags


  • 20 x T2 Tags each containing: 

    • 1 x Plastic Sheath with Latex Free Band
    • 1 x NAR T2 Tag®
    • 1 x Chemical Light (red)
    • 1 x Pencil
    • 2 x Set of Quick Reference Status Stickers 
      (Tourniquet, Blast, Contaminated)


  • Card Folded (each): L 3.25 in. x W 5.6 in. x D 0.4 in.
  • Packaged (each): L 5.69 in x W 3.88 in.
  • Weight (each): 0.7 oz
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