HH-60 CASEVAC Helicopter Cabin Simulator for Combat Medical Training

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HH-60 CASEVAC Helicopter Cabin Simulator for Combat Medical Training

Reusable, Realistic Helo Cabin Simulator for Combat Medical Training

The HH-60 simulated helicopter cabin is designed to provide a highly realistic environment for combat medical training without heavy demand on personnel, schedules, and equipment. Accurate interior cabin configurations aid operational medical teams confidence in training and muscle memory development. The DOT-compliant towable fuselage allows for placement in austere locations considered inaccessible by operational aircraft.

Remote operation allows for an increase/decrease in the level of stress on the trainee via control of various environmental factors, including light, noise, wind, water, smoke, and other specialized components.


Features of the HH-60 CASEVAC Simulator


  • Units customizable to Standard Operating Procedure
  • Accurate cabin dimensions and features
  • Reinforced Rings
  • Internal fuel tank
  • Day or night operations
  • Capable of simulating HH-60 crash site
  • Realistic crew securing landmarks, allowing securing of patients
  • High-powered amplifier and speakers to simulate aircraft noise
  • High-powered fans simulate rotor wash
  • Aircraft lighting (white, green/blue)
  • All of these function are controlled by a single ITTS operating unit


Note: Price is note published due to HH-60 multiple options, please contact our staff for pricing 856-292-3645. We will be happy to forward buyer a written quote.

Allow 9-10 months for assembly and delivery