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WaterTOMM TOMManikin ​Emergency Aquatic Training Simulator

The industry-leading TOMManikin™ from ITTS and Techline Technologies is now available in a new fully submersible model, WATERTOMM™. Optional injuries include a closed fracture to arm, open soft tissue injuries to arm, abdominal evisceration, and massive soft tissue trauma to lower leg. All commands are remotely controlled with a wireless, tetherless, handheld system. Submersible to 33 feet, WATERTOMM™ is the perfect compliment to any freshwater or saltwater rescue and training scenarios.

Water TOMManikin
​All In One System to Enhance Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

TOMManikin provides the ability to enhance Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) from Point of Injury to transfer of higher care. Created in collaboration with Techline Technologies, Inc., this all-in-one system allows you to build multiple PR Scenarios and create realistic Full Mission Profile (FMP) with reactive patients. TOMManikin is a trauma manikin simulator designed for both classroom settings, Trauma Lanes and field training scenarios. Multiple appendages present a variety of wounds including GSW, blast and burns to provide full mission profiles in combat scenarios. Durability and realism make TOMManikin a cost effective, educational trauma training tool capable of surviving the rigors of TCCC, APT and Tactical Medicine.
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