About Us

The Off Grid Warehouse Story

Off Grid Warehouse was established by Steve Schanne in 2009 as a solar company located in Woodbury, New Jersey. Ahead of its time for solar, Steve ventured from convention to convention advertising Off Grid's solar for commercial buildings. As time passed, requests for long-term food and water increased. Steve gained the idea of purchasing long-term MREs, tactical gear and medical supplies in bulk and selling at conventions. Requests for different gear kept following. This snowball effect changed OGW from a solar company to a passionate preparedness company that serves individuals, law enforcement, military, schools and many more.

Our Goal

Our goal at Off Grid is to ensure that individuals have access to lifesaving equipment, tactical gear, and preparedness equipment at the best prices possible. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality equipment from brands such as North American Rescue, High Speed Gear, Tactical Medical Solutions, Safeguard Medical, Condor Outdoor, Zero9 and many more.

Our Commitment

Our small business is committed to service, quality and gaining trustful relationships with our customers. We work almost around the clock, 7 days a week to ensure the best possible experience. We thank our customers like you who have supported us over the years and look forward to continuing this journey. With our customers' support, we have been able to donate funds to have Veterans paired with service dogs, provide supplies to underfunded Police Departments, sponsor training for Police Officers, as well as assist our local community. In the case a civilian saves a life with an item purchased from us, we will replace that item free of charge as long as a police report is provided.