Mayday 1200 Food Bars – 36 Pack Case

Product Summary

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When it comes to survival, there are few things as important as food. With the FB12MC – Mayday Food Bar, you not only get a food ration with a great apple cinnamon taste, but it is nutritious, filling, and packed with 1200 calories so you can eat just one a day and keep your body going. We sell the FB12MC – Mayday Food Bar in a case of 36, so a whole family can live off of these bars for an extended period of time.

Package Content: FB12MC (1) Case of 36, 1200 Calorie Bars
Shipping Weight: 24 Lbs

Because they are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Transport Department, you know you are getting a quality product that can last you for years (5 year shelf life).
Brand: Mayday Industries
Part Number: FB12M