Berkey Crown Water Purifier w/2 Black Berkey Filters

Product Summary

Disaster and Emergency Push Demand for the Crown Berkey
The Crown Berkey water filter system was created by necessity. Prior to the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001 Berkey concentrated on the filtering needs of mostly families and groups of people desiring a means of producing purified drinking water.

These times seemed somehow more secure and stable. People were confident in the ability of our most sacred municipalities to meet our basic needs like drinking water. Post 911 the mood of the entire world changed, these changes dictated a need for a different water filter than Berkey had provided in the past.

The need for a water purification system capable of taking raw untreated water from outside sources and producing purified good tasting drinking water for masses of people left without safe municipal supplies became a common request. This demand was the reason we developed the Crown Berkey water filter system.

The Crown Berkey water filter system is our largest model and was designed to provide for large groups like found in hospitals, churches and municipalities. The Crown comes with everything you will need to start producing purified drinking water minutes after assembly. Taking only 10-15 minutes to assemble and requiring no special knowledge or tools.

Key Features:

With 2 Black Berkey purification elements $325.00 plus shipping
With 4 Black Berkey purification elements $425.00 plus shipping
With 8 Black Berkey purification elements $625..00 plus shipping
will produce 6000 gallons of drinking water before needing to be replaced
Produces 6.5 gallons of purified drinking water per hour
With 4 Black Berkey purification elements13 GPH
With 6 16.5 GPH
With 8 26 GPH

Compatible with the Berkey PF2 Fluoride filter
High quality stainless steel container
Easy flow spigot
Knob for lid
Complete assembly and maintenance instructions

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price USD 357.00
Shipping weight 15.00 lb