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1000 XT series MRE Meals…

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All current U.S. military grade components • Fully cooked meals, no water required to reconstitute food • No refrigeration required • Lightweight, durable and waterproof packaging • Extended shelf Life • Full meal nutritional information printed on each bag • Lot number (pack date) embossed on bag and printed on case.

The XMRE 1000XT provides 900 –1,200 calories of US military grade, ready to eat meal components. All components are field tested and fully cooked so they can be eaten right out of the pouch. XMRE can be ordered with or without Flame-Les Heater too. The 1000XT is always freshly packed with complete nutritional information printed on the back of each bag. The XMRE 1000XT is designed as a military MRE that can also meet the needs of the civilian market.Each XMRE 1000XT contains: Entrée, bread item, spread, snack/dessert/side,beverage and an accessory kit including instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, spoon, napkin, condiment kit and moist towelette and an optional flame-less ration heater (FRH). All components are packed in high-density water and tamper proof XMRE XT Series outer bag and embossed with a lot number (pack date) on each bag and case.FEATURES: •All current U.S. military grade components•Fully cooked meals, no water required to reconstitute food•No refrigeration required•Lightweight, durable and waterproof packaging•Extended Shelf life•Full meal nutritional information printed on each bag•Lot number (pack date) embossed on bag and printed on case CONFIGURATION:•12 meals per case•6 menus per case.

XMRE to offer a guaranteed shelf life of 3 years at 80°F (27°C), or for 6 months at 100°F (38°C) for all of our previously produced entrees and food components, from date of XMRE assembly/pack date printed or embossed in all our bags and cases. We keep all of our products under ideal storage conditions. This allows us to stand behind our guaranteed shelf life. Some of the components from time to time may have production dates prior to our pack or assembly dates.

Shelf life of our XMRE product follows the same standards as set forth by the U.S Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center’s study and evaluation of the military’s Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), which employs identical type of packaging and production technologies as our XMRE Meals.

COMPONENT DETAILS: Entrée: Variety of beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian options. Bread Item: Crackers, breads or tortillas.Spread:Peanut butter, cheese spread, fruit jellies, fruit jams or others Snack: Nut raisin mix, dry fruit mix, corn nuggets or others.Side:Wet packed fruit, side dishes, bars or others.Dessert: Puddings, pound cakes, brownies, dessert cookies or others.Beverage:Single or assorted fruit flavored drink mixes or others available.Beverage Bag: Hot beverage bag Accessory Kit Includes:Single serve instant coffee, heavy-duty military spoon,brown napkin, salt, pepper, non-dairy cream, sugar and moist towelette.

Purchase by the case or pallet of 48 cases:
1 Case = 16.5 Lbs
48 Case Pallet = 800 Lbs
One Case Contain 12 Complete Meals

Purchase with Flame-less Heater or order without heater