Products: First Aid General

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Spec Operator SWAT / US Border Patrol IFAK Kits with Rip Away feature are compact and attach to any molle tactical vest or equipment. Currently sold to SWAT teams, Police, US Border Patrol and Private Security firms. The Condor EMT Lite is a Rip Away pouch, compact design is great to hold a complete first aid kit for a single person, while the outside webbing can hold additional MOLLE attachments or chem-lights. It features a grab handle for quick tear-away transfers or load out switching, as well as a quick access pull tongue to open the pouch. Can be ripped off your vest and handed to a partner as well.

Kit includes:
(1) Condor Rip – Away EMT Lite Pouch
(1) Med Red Cross Velcro Identifying Patch
(1) SWAT Tourniquet
(1) 4″ NAR ETD Bandage
(1) EMT Shears
(1) Pair Black Rolled Talon Nitrile Gloves – Large
(1) NAR S-Rolled Compressed Gauze
(1) QuikClot Combat Hemostatic Gauze or Celox X Hemostatic Gauze

Available colors: OD, Black, Coyote Brown, Red and Multicam.
Size: 6.5″H x 4″W x 2″D. Wt: 1 Lb.

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