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Our unique fiberglass materials and exclusive marine-grade gel coating combine to produce a rugged, ultra long-lasting structure that allows year-round growing in most any climate.
Receive amazing results year after wonderful year… no matter if your passion is vegetables, orchids, fruit trees, or plants and flowers.

Are you ready to grow your dream garden, right in your own backyard? It’s simple, it’s easy, and Solar Gem will show you how! Yes, even if the climate you live in is cold or inhospitable most of the time.

Since our greenhouses have no seams or gaps for heat to be lost through, no framework to rust or rot, or panels to get loose from gusty winds and storms, you’ll be gardening and harvesting a lot more, and worrying about maintenance a lot less.

Our small greenhouse is ideal for the solo or two-person backyard gardening team who have either limited space or modest goals/needs.

Its compact footprint usually fits with ease in most residential backyards, but still allows you to grow an abundance year-round.

The small model is designed to accommodate two (2) of our cedar work benches (optional).

Size: 8′ x 7′ 5″

Its super compact footprint takes the space challenge out of the equation for most people, but still offers all the great benefits of a Solar Gem.

The “Small Greenhouse” is designed to accommodate two (2) of our cedar mini-benches.

An Anderson storm door, rear window, and a single automatic overhead vent – designed to whisk out excess hot air during the warmer months – are included.

Please contact our sales staff for a shipping quote to your home or business – 856-823-1177

NOTE: The sale of any Solar Gem Greenhouse is not complete without freight added to the total.

Price: $4,420.00 Plus Frt

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