275 Gallon Super Tanker

275 Gallon Super Tanker

275 Gallon Super Tanker


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275 gal. Super Tanker

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Perfect for storing water and takes up only 6.8 sq. ft. of floor space.

Augason Farms 275 Gallon Super Tanker is constructed with FDA and HPB approved food grade polyethylene, so you can count on this tank to safely store water without chemical contamination. The gravity fed system means no need for expensive pumps that won’t work when the power is out, and since the tank is designed to fit through standard doors, this is a practical water storage solution.

People throughout the nation are rediscovering the time-tested wisdom of having emergency water storage. Augason Farms has been a leader in emergency preparedness and food storage products for 40 years and makes a point to keep the consumer in mind. These tankers are designed with two water valves, making it easy to dispense water when the tanker is over half full, and ensuring that you can easily get to all the water if the supply starts to get low.

Unique design minimizes valuable floor space and maximizes essential water storage volume in a vertical cylinder
Engineered with seamless construction to safely handle up to 2750 lbs. (275 gal.) of water for long-term storage in a gravity fed system
Spring loaded vented cap for sufficient air flow when dispensing water
Center spigot makes it easy to fill 5 or 6 gallon buckets
Ball valve with hose hook up at the base of the unit makes it easy to drain or transport water
Slim design to fit through any doorway of your home
FDA and HPB food grade polyethylene
Ideal for rain water collection (check your state laws to make sure rainwater collection is legal in your area) Yes, its illegal in certain states to collect rain water???

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