• The Average Person Requires 1 Gallon of Water Per Day: Are you prepared?

    Off Grid Warehouse can help you prepare for anything with our wide assortment of survival gear and equipment. You never know when disaster will strike, but you can always be ready for it. We provide everything from water storage units to solar generators —practical preparation for any situation.

Tactical Gear & Outdoor Equipment

Off Grid Warehouse carries an array of quality professional tactical gear such as Condor, VooDoo, Sand Piper of California, and much more.

First Aid Supplies

Elite First Aid Inc. offers a variety of first-aid, trauma and medical kits, as well as custom-built kits to suit your needs. Off Grid Warehouse is committed to providing the best first-aid and emergency kits at the most competitive prices: Preparedness, Camping, Hunting, Survival and Marine.

Water Storage Containers

Waterbricks can hold 3.5 Gallons of liquids or up to 27 Pounds of grain and other granular dry foods. The conical supports inside a Waterbrick allow enough support to cross stack them 4 feet high.

Your single source for off-grid survival solutions in Woodbury, NJ

Off Grid Warehouse has a huge inventory of long term food & water provisions, waterbricks, Condor & VooDoo tactical gear, survival supplies, elite first-aid and trauma packs, water purification and other related products.

We have also have military, tactical, law enforcement gear from VooDoo and Condor outdoor products. Most of our items are in stock and ready for delivery. You depend on quality, and we provide it!

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