Dynarex Dyna Stopper Multi-Purpose Wound & Trauma Dressing 5"x9" Sterile

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Multipurpose wound and trauma dressing, designed to place pressure over wound to help stop bleeding.

Great for IFAK Re-Supply, Law Enforcement, Schools and Home Preparedness

Dynarex Dyna-Stopper Trauma Dressings are a multi-purpose wound and trauma dressings providing additional stretch gauze when a pressure bandage is needed. The Dyna-Stopper Trauma Dressings expand for extra wound or burn coverage.

 Multi-purpose wound and trauma dressing

  • Additional stretch gauze rolls for use as pressure bandage
  • Unfolds to 9"×5½" for extra wound or burn coverage

Factory sealed and freshly dated


    • 1 non-stick absorbent pad to be placed directly over wound and
    • 2 rolls of gauze
    • Single use Only
    • Sterile unless package is damaged or opened 

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