Kelly Kettle Ready Fuel Fire Starter

Product Summary

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ReadyFuel™ is the quick, clean, and simple solution for a safe and efficient fuel. Whether you need warmth on a camping trip or an extra flame in the kitchen, ReadyFuel™ will let you feel the heat.

The 3 Simple Steps to ReadyFuel™:

Tear open package, Squeeze out gel, Light it

The clear, odorless, non-toxic gel is easily ignited with a flame and burns at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 20 minutes! The gel is also non-explosive, making it safe for storage indoors or outdoors. One ReadyFuel™ pouch boils 4 cups of water; four pouches boil a gallon! After you’re done cooking, drying clothes, or warming up, you’ll see only a clean white sand – making cleanup a breeze!

Benefits of ReadyFuel™:

30+ Year Shelf Life

Non-combustible and Non-explosive

Does Not Evaporate, Freeze or Melt

Tested and Approved by US Military

Gel Can Be Used on Any Surface

Burns Clean, No Carbon Monoxide

Travel Friendly No EPA Restrictions

No Clean Up Necessary

Only By-Products Are Carbon Dioxide, Water & Sand-Water

Soluble-Burns at High Elevations

ReadyFuel™ is the incredible lightweight gel that does not freeze or melt, burns hot enough to boil water & leaves only sand residue behind!