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About this item
High quality product for everyday use and emergency food storage
3 #10 (institutional) size cans
40 servings per can
Up to a 25 year shelf life*

Augason Farms™ Food Storage Tomato Powder is easily reconstituted into tomato paste, tomato sauce and even tomato juice. It is a basic, versatile and worthwhile item to include in any emergency food storage program or in daily meal preparation. Use it with confidence in your favorite dishes: soups, stews, meatloaves and sauces. Valuable recipes for its use are included on each can.

With more than 40 years of experience providing the best in food storage at the highest quality, Augason Farms is the place to turn for all your food storage and emergency preparedness needs. Great taste and healthful products have been their hallmark for generations. When you choose Augason Farms, you’re not only selecting food you can count on, you’re getting delicious peace of mind.

Emergency food storage, camping or everyday use
Variety of recipes
No refrigeration needed
Easy to prepare
Long-established manufacturer
Packaged for long-term storage
Augason Farms products contain oxygen absorbers to help maintain product safety, freshness, and extend shelf life by removing excess oxygen from the package
Best when stored in a cool, dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F (ideal humidity of 15%)