Products: First Aid Combat Training

Triple amputee that moves head or arm, bleeds and has carotid pulse
Has traumatic amputations above left elbow, above left knee and at upper right thigh above tourniquet line
Has burn, blast and fragment wounds on left side of body
Interventions include hemorrhage control, tourniquet, junctional tourniquet, and humeral & sternal I/O

Designed specifically for realistic trauma training from point-of-wounding to higher echelons of care

North American Rescue (NAR) and Operative Experience Incorporated (OEI) have joined forces to deliver a full line of Combat Trauma Simulators (CTS) that address the key Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) critical tasks. The driving force behind these high fidelity medical simulators is OEI’s founder, a formerly deployed Trauma Surgeon, prominent researcher and professor of surgery. His extensive experience in treating penetrating trauma spans the full spectrum of trauma care & has served as the catalyst in developing super-realistic trauma simulators that are actual anatomy replications. Setting the bar for point-of-injury medical simulators, this combat trauma training system balances super-realistic anatomy with ruggedized materials, ease of mobility and simplicity to create realistic and challenging training scenarios for medical providers as they prepare to save lives on the battlefield.

Unparalleled realism with anatomically correct skeletal structures and wounding patterns.
5 Liter internal reservoir for realistic simulation of blood loss.
Internal skeleton that gives CTS a realistic ROM in all joints allowing for realistic patent positioning during movement and procedures
Completely wireless design allows for multiphase training scenarios from POI to TacEvac.
Proprietary technology allowing CTS’s skin to be incredibly durable and retain a level tactile realism that cannot be met by the competition.
Self-sealing skin allowing for repetitive use without obvious landmarks from needle punctures.
Easily repairable skin
Rechargeable, replaceable battery that runs 3-4 hours of continuous use, allowing for multiple training scenarios on one charge.
A 1 year manufacturer warranty
Pulse pressures that diminish as total blood volume diminishes
Simple and easy reset times allowing for quick transition between training iterations

TQ application
Junctional TQ application
Wound packing
Bandage application
Surgical airway
Endotracheal Intubation
NPA insertion
Sternal and humeral intraosseous injections
Needle Decompression

Custom Storage Case
Instruction Manual
5 cricothyroidotomy skin replacements
2 battery and chargers
50 sternal IO disc replacements
20 humeral IO replacements (10 left, 10 right)
a skin repair kit (for minor abrasions over the life of the simulator)
Blood Reservoir Fill Pump
1 Uniform
Remote Control with Rechargeable Battery Pack