Augasons Utility Flame Bucket – 20 pc.

Product Summary

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About this item
Easy to use Gel
Light a heat source or fire anywhere
Non-toxic, safe to store and transport
Lights gradually with no flaring
Smoke-less and Odorless when burning
Great for emergencies, hiking, grilling,

Utility Flame provides a storable, portable, safe, versatile and easy-to-use fire source for outdoor use in virtually any environment or situation. It fills the need for a cooking and heating source in a natural disaster or emergency of any kind. In addition, Utility Flame is ideal whether you are a casual hiker, dedicated camper, outdoor enthusiast or wilderness explorer. You can use it in a portable cook stove to boil water, cook or provide warmth. Simply squeeze Utility Flame out on a nonflammable surface, and light it with a match or a lighter. Or use it as a certain and safe way to start a larger campfire or charcoal grill. Utility Flame is a gel that burns with a hot, clean and smokeless blue flame. It’s completely odorless, non-toxic and water-soluble. It’s storable for up to 6 years and safely transportable. Environmentally friendly and easy to clean up, the bi-products are all natural: sand, water and carbon dioxide.
Currently being used by worldwide military personnel, disaster responders, Human Rights and Relief organizations, outdoor enthusiasts and people focused on emergency preparedness.
When it comes to quality and dependable products, Augason Farms is the best choice. Each non-food item is designed and manufactured to exceed your expectations.

20 – 6oz. re-sealable pouches
Packed in a re-sealable bucket
Minimum 6 year shelf life
Reusable after opening
Burns hot and clean
Safe to store and transport
Lights gradually, without flaring
Green Product, environmentally friendly
Burns at an altitude of 10,000 ft +
Burns at -23F/ -30.5C
Does not evaporate, freeze or melt
Water-soluble (cleans up with water)
Byproducts are carbon dioxide, water and sand
Smokeless & odorless (will not contaminate the flavor of your food)
Boils water easily
No EPA restrictions (not a hazmat)
Approved for transportation by airlines or US Postal Service

Life is Unpredictable
Utility Flame is a lightweight fire source that is easily stored and has a long shelf life. By planning ahead, you will have a reliable product for cooking, boiling water, and reconstituting freeze-dried foods in unpredictable times.

Disaster Relief
In time of disaster, agencies must respond quickly, effectively and globally. Utility Flame is a fire source that has no restrictions on transportation. It boils a cup of water in 3 1/2 minutes to purify water, reconstitute freeze-dried food, and provide sanitation. It is a reliable and effective tool for disaster responders.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors
Utility Flame is a great companion for the casual day hiker or weekend camper. It is not only lightweight and easy to carry, but it can be counted on to burn hot with no smoke or odor, boil water, cook a meal, and is green, non-toxic product that burns down to sand.

Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts
After a challenging day, Utility Flame can be counted on to start a fire for cooking the day’s catch or boiling water for a hot cup of coffee. Because its a gel, a packet can be put into a pocket of a jacket and easily carried until needed. It is odorless, non-toxic and water soluble – a perfect product for the active sportsman!

Extreme Challenges
For the back country adventurer and wilderness explorer, Utility Flame will surpass expectations. It can be transported by airplane, is very lightweight, will burn at high elevations, and will not evaporate, freeze, or melt. It is a great resource in survival situations.