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The TacMed™ Critical Event Response System – Mass Casualty package provides you with the necessary equipment for personal protection and medical treatment for life-threatening injuries for multiple casualties during active shooter and/or hostile event response. The individual package includes the TacMed™ Responder Plate Carrier with Soft Armor, the Universal Tourniquet Dispenser with SOF® Tourniquets, a Critical Event Individual Kit, and a Warm Zone Active Shooter Response Kit to help you meet and exceed multiple standards laid out by NFPA 3000™.

Personal Protection Items:
  • The TacMed™ Responder Plate Carrier with NIJ certified Level IIIA soft armor is the perfect option for a budget conscious agency to provide an armor solution for the entire team.
  • The Universal Tourniquet Dispenser with SOF® Tourniquets provides a place to conveniently mount your tourniquets on your plate carrier for easy ambidextrous access.

Mass Casualty Package Medical Kits:
  • The TacMed™ Warm Zone Active Shooter Response Kit (WZ ARK) is designed to meet the needs of the medical responder providing care in the warm zone. The WZ ARK holds 8 fully customizable Casualty Throw Kits (CTKs), and in its standard stocking brings 14 SOF® Tourniquets, 14 pressure dressings, 14 chest injury treatments, and 2 Ultralight Poleless Litters. Accessing the CTKs is easier with the new red pull handle that can be manipulated from both sides.
  • The Critical Event Individual Kit is included in the Mass Casualty package so you can have an individual kit with your body armor in case the Critical Event Rescue Kit is not in arms reach. The Critical Event Individual Kit is compact and stocked with contents to provide effective treatment for traumatic, life-threatening injuries to yourself, another responder, or a casualty on-scene during active threat response. The Critical Event Individual Kit utilizes the Signature Series OIFAK platform to include internal panels that can be adjusted to fit your exact equipment needs while keeping everything secure and organized.