Glock Version 2 OWB Holster for Light Bearing Options by Zero 9

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Zero9 Version 2 OWB Holster

This version of our OWB holster has a much slimmer footprint on your belt and is designed for better armor clearance - the trade off to that is less concealability.  Currently available for the Glock 9/40/357sig line of weapons and now including light bearing options for the TLR-1, X300U and The Glock 19/23 with the TLR-7!  Your choice of a tek-lok, belt slide or paddle for mounting but the hole pattern allows for many others should you decide to swap them out after the fact (G-Code RTI, Safariland 3 hole pattern, Blade Tech belt slide etc).

Recommended for CCW, plain clothes LE assignments, court, administrative assignments etc.


Each holster has retention screws to adjust retention to suit your preference.

Although this holster WILL mount to all the standard Safariland 3 Hole Pattern adapters to include their leg shrouds, THIS IS A SINGLE RETENTION HOLSTER.


Currently available for Right Hand draw only