8MM Havoc Assault Rope

North American Rescue
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Innovative Synergy of 2 unique Fibers engineered for unmatched Confidence & Resilience from Ropes in Challenging Environments...

The new 8mm HAVOC is the latest addition to North American Rescue’s Pegasus Rope Series.

Edelrid, the industry leader with 150 years of experience in rope manufacturing, & NAR have joined forces with multi-disciplinary vertical specialists to innovate the most tenacious small diameter rope on the market today – engineered to counter the most severe environmental pathologies found throughout full-spectrum operations... whether at work or at play.

The unique material engineering of the 8mm HAVOC core, specifically the Innegra™ Braided Fiber Core Integration, provides superior durability, low fatigue properties, an extremely low specific gravity, and superior resistance to the harshest contaminates (acids, bases, and organic solvents). The novel tensioning and fiber refinement techniques utilized within the 12-braid lnnegra™ core amplfies its overall robustness and resilience providing an operational rope which acts as a counter-measure to anticipated environmental challenges.

This specialized core of the 8mm HAVOC is protected by a higher density, precision double braided Technora sheath to synergistically interface with the core for optimized strength, elongation, decreased creep, heat resistance, and operational safety. To reinforce the abrasion resistance, cut resistance, and overall durability, the 8mm HAVOC’s sheath was bulked up to a 52% sheath ratio.


  • Diameter: 8.00 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 lb/100 ft
  • Elongation: 300 lbs: 3.58%
  • Minimum Break Strength: 5,615 lb (25 kN)
  • Fibers (Core/Sheath): Innegra™/Technora®
  • Sheath Ratio (by wt.): 52.5%

Special Features: CORE

  • Innegra™ Lightest Weight Structural Fiber on the market for an extremely Low Specific Gravity
  • Hydrophobic
  • Resistant fo Harsh Contaminants
  • Low Flex Fatigue
  • Superior Durability
  • Meets EN 564

Special Features: SHEATH

  • 52% Technora Sheath Ratio (by wgt.) The most robust on the market!
  • Resistant to Cuts, Abrasion & Heat
  • Optimized Strength
  • Decreased Creep
  • Increased Durability & Safety