Zero9 40MM Special Munition Case

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Special Munition Case Zero 9

Keep extra rounds for your (or your partner's) Special Munitions!  You can mount these ruggedized cases to your vest, the back of your vest for your partner, your go bag, your Team's Munition Bag - anywhere you have molle channel!

Colors: Black, Basketweave, OD, Ranger Green, Multicam or Coyote

- DOUBLE 40MM RELOAD CASE: Holds 2 rounds of 40MM special munitions.  This case has a retention screw for adjustment.

- SINGLE 40MM RELOAD CASE: Holds 1 round of 40MM special munitions.  This case has adjustable retention. Mount multiples for extra rounds wherever you need them.  CAN BE MOUNTED TO THE SAFARILAND LEG SHROUD.

- STANDARD BANG CASE: Holds 1 standard size flash bang (has been tested as pictured with CTS 7290).  Has a retention lanyard for that extra level of grab.  Protects the spoon.

- MINI BANG CASE:  Holds 1 mini bang (CTS 7290M).  Protects the spoon.